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Home Tour and Chair Auction

37th Annual Bisbee Home Tour - Eclectic Warren


The annual Bisbee Home Tour is held every Thanksgiving weekend on Friday and Saturday, November 29 & 30, 2019.  This year will be the 37th Annual Bisbee Home Tour. The Bisbee Woman’s Club is proud to be the sponsor of this annual event that brings hundreds of people to our unique city.


Every year we hold the tour in different parts of Bisbee. This year it will be in the Warren District.  The Warren district of Bisbee has a unique history all it's own. Warren was designed according to the City Beautiful plan, at the turn of the century. The neighborhood is the first planned community in Arizona intended as a home for the mine management and other more affluent citizens of the town. Warren is built around the Vista, a north-south running stretch of park. Warren has a fine collection of Arts and Crafts style bungalow houses. Many have been recognized as historic places.

Last year, The Home Tour was in Old Bisbee, and other areas that have been included have been:  San Jose,  Saginaw, Bakerville, Naco, and the Border Road area. We want folks from areas outside of Bisbee to know that there is so much more here than just Old Bisbee. Old Bisbee homes are built mainly on the sides of the canyons and some are accessible only via many steps, although some are at ground level. Generally, driving to and parking at the homes in the areas outside of Old Bisbee is much easier with fewer stairs to the homes.  


While we endeavor to concentrate on homes of an historic nature, many of the homes have been remodeled with more modern touches and some of the homes have been newer, but interesting homes. There is always sure to be something to arouse the interest of everyone who takes the tour.


Home Tour tickets are $20.00, sold in advance via as well as at Finders Keepers, 81 Main Street in Old Bisbee, and On Consignment at the traffic Circle in Lowell.  Tickets are good for both days of the tour.   For those purchasing tickets via, one must go to The Greenway School Cafeteria, located at 98 Cole Avenue.  Will Call tickets will be available on Friday or Saturday mornings starting at 9:30 a.m.  


The bulk of the proceeds from the Home Tour go to local organizations serving the needs of children with a portion set aside for the upkeep and renovation of our 100+ year-old clubhouse.

Come on down to Bisbee and enjoy our town, our amazing restaurants and comfortable and sometimes very unusual overnight accommodations.




Art Chairs & More Auction


The Art Chairs and More Auction takes place every year in conjunction with the Bisbee Woman’s Club Home Tour.  This year’s tour will be in Warren, and the auction will be held in the Greenway School cafeteria,  on 98 Cole Avenue.

This event features chairs, tables, desks and any other item that local artists have reimagined in new and inventive ways!

The auction is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, 29 November and 10 a.m. until after 5 p.m. on Saturday, 30 November.  We will have a reception beginning at 5, and bidding will conclude in groups of 20 pieces, allowing volunteers to capture sales information while the auction continues for the remaining lots.  Attendees are encouraged to vote for their favorite piece, and the artist who created it will receive a $100 prize!

Artwork must be brought to the Greenway school cafeteria on Wednesday,  27 November,  between 10 a.m and 6 p.m.  Contact Frances Wilson 520-508-8714 or Lori Anderson, 206-679-6642 for more information.

Proceeds from this auction fund scholarships for deserving Bisbee women, including recent high school graduates and continuing education candidates.