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EXECUTIVE BOARD for 2023-24.


Loretta Plaa, President; Jan Bolduc, First Vice President; Carol Loy, Second Vice President; Margot Walker,  Recording Secretary; Susie Morss, Corresponding Secretary; and Sylvia Anable, Treasurer. 


FINANCE COMMITTEE is chaired by the Treasurer and is responsible for reviewing fiscal procedures, fundraising plans, and assisting in the preparation of the annual budget.


BYLAWS COMMITTEE is composed of the First Vice President, a past President and one or more appointed members. Their duties are to review the Bylaws with members and to study the Bylaws and form amendments.

HOME TOUR COMMITTEE is responsible for organizing all aspects of the annual Home Tour which is conducted on Thanksgiving weekend each year. Duties include:  

  • Locating homes and coordinating with home owners

  • Creating and managing publicity, ticket sales, docents, logistics and event-day’s activities, etc.


ART CHAIRS & MORE AUCTION COMMITTEE is responsible for organizing all aspects of the chair auction which is held in conjunction with the Home Tour each year. Duties include:  

  • finding local artists who want to participate

  • setting-up and managing the event

  • providing refreshments for event and artists’ reception 


LOVE OF MUSIC COMMITTEE has a Chair who is in contact with musicians, makes up the season’s calendar (October – May), writes and prints tickets, subscriber letters, and programs.  The committee serves refreshments after each concert which gives the audience an opportunity to converse with the performers.


CLUBHOUSE COMMITTEE has direct control of all matters concerning the care and contracting out the use of the clubhouse and its properties. It is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the building. Duties include:

  • Ongoing purchase and organization of club supplies/small equipment

  • Maintenance of the building

  • Deciding on a list of projects that need to be completed either by members and/or volunteers, and coordinating those projects

Subcommittee - Clubhouse Use and Donations:  responsible for organizing the use of the Club by members and/or outside groups. Duties include:

    • Creating a calendar of events to be held at the Club

    • Managing contracts with outside groups for use of the building and services provided through contracts


GARDEN COMMITTEE is responsible for the year-round maintenance and improvement of the Club’s garden and grounds. 


COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMITTEE is responsible for managing in-kind donations for local and any international organization efforts. Duties include: 

  • Working directly with potential organizations who will receive donations

  • Creating list of local recipient organizations for approval by membership

  • Providing members with a list of needed items and time frame for collection and distribution to organizations receiving in-kind donations

  • Managing Project Pennies initiative that provides micro-loans to women, either in the United States and/or other nearby countries


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE is responsible for developing ways to recruit new members.  Duties include: 

  • Insure that recruitment materials are updated and that potential and new members are welcomed and given an Acquaintance form, brochure, name tag, blank profile form and a Yearbook

  • Develop creative ways to recognize and support members in order to create a positive experience for all club members


PROGRAM COMMITTEE is chaired by the Second Vice President and is responsible for organizing the Program meetings that are held the fourth Thursday of most months. Duties include:

  • Identifying speakers and/or activities for these meetings

  • Insuring members are informed of programs


SCHOLARSHIP/YOUNG WOMAN OF THE MONTH COMMITTEE is responsible for identifying young women in Bisbee who will receive awards and scholarships from the Club on an annual basis.  Duties include:

  • Determining recipients to be recognized by the Club as “Young Woman of the Month” by working directly with Bisbee High School

  • Fixing the annual budget for the scholarship programs  

  • Creating and revising scholarship rules, regulations and forms  

  • Insuring that young women of the month and scholarship recipients are invited and introduced to the members of the Club


SCRAPBOOK and PHOTOGRAPHERS COMMITTEE is responsible for organizing information about the Club’s activities throughout the year. Scrapbook coordinator will collect each Committee Chair’s yearly summaries of accomplishments, in particular, the Club’s fund-raising events - Home Tour, Chair Auction, etc., and Club grants which are awarded to select community projects/organizations. Other duties include collecting press releases for each Young Woman of the Month Award and year-end scholarships publicly presented. Photographers will endeavor to visually capture memorable moments in each year of the Club’s activities.


TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Club’s website --


YEARBOOK and MEMBER PROFILES COMMITTEE is responsible for the preparation and distribution of the annual Yearbook that includes an updated member list, committee descriptions, the list of members on each committee, monthly luncheon assignments and a yearly calendar of business meetings and programs.

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