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Grant recipient,  Mr. Francisco Barrios, Band Director of Bisbee High School and some members of the Marching Band.

2019 Grants


In 2019,  The Bisbee Woman's Club  awarded the following grants:

Bisbee Kiwanis Club -  $300.00

Bisbee High School,  Culinary Arts Program - $500.00

Make Festival,  Central School Project- $500.00

Bisbee High School,  Girls Basket Ball Trip to Australia - $500.00

Bisbee Municipal Pool- - $1000.00

Naco Wellness Project - $650.00

Bisbee High School,  Marching Band - $1000.00

Bisbee Royale, Children's Summer Movie Program - $1000.00

Verhelst House -$1000.00

These monies come from our only fund raiser, The Bisbee Home Tour, held every November, the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Congratulations to Janice Bolduc, Home Tour Program Chair,  and all the volunteers who make this event happen.


Grant Application and Process


The Bisbee Woman's Club is pleased to have Grant awards of up to $1000 available for the 2020 calendar year.  These are intended for organizations and in some cases, individuals, whose projects benefit Bisbee and its environs, and fall within the purview of the Bisbee Woman's Club.

Grant Applications will be accepted from January 1-31, 2020.  

If you request is approved and funded, a detailed accounting of the expenditures will be required with 30 days of completion of the project or before the final deadline of December 31, 2020.  No future awards will be made to any individual or organization who does not comply with these terms.  

If you need more space, submit  a second application labeled page 2.


2020  Bisbee Woman's Club Grant Application
  • Please describe what the project is

  • Describe what is be be accomplished, start and completion dates,targeted audiences. 

  • Itemized budget

  • Community impact

  • Efforts to obtain funds from other organizations.